Strategize · Implement · Support · Educate

Keystone IT

Keystone KloudKeystone IT brings the key elements of strategy, implementation, support and education to your medical practice, hospitalschool, or business.

We simplify the complexity of technology to clarify your needs and develop a plan that works for your organization technically, operationally, and economically. We then help you build the business case and develop the consensus required for true organizational success.

From server architecture and network design to the security and regulatory compliance that you require, our 60 full-time employees are there for you around the clock and around the country. Always looking to provide additional value, we also provide free HIPAA compliant recycling services to further mitigate your risk.

We are there with you, in locked-step, never forgetting the most important part of your business... the patients, students and customers you serve.  Watch Keystone IT on All About Business St. Louis to learn more.

Challenges We Address

  • Go-Live Services
  • Meaningful Use
  • EMR Implementation (Vendor Agnostic)
  • Improve Patient Care
  • Cost Containment 
  • Operational Efficiency 
  • Information Security
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Data Conversion
  • Server Virtualization & Migration
  • Infrastructure Modernization

Strategic Consulting

We’ll work with your staff to develop a strategy tailored to fit your:

  • Budget
  • Current needs
  • Future goals

Managed Services

A proactive model for IT support, with packages based on the specific needs of your company

  • Monitoring Only
  • Unlimited 


Project management, vendor management, and status reviews—are methodically applied with focus on the seamless operation of your business. Our goal is to eliminate the business interruption usually caused by changes and upgrades.

EMR Conversions

Keystone IT has developed significant expertise in the conversion and migration of electronic practice management (EPM) and electronic medical records (EMR) data.